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The 1st Saturdays in February & October

The West Side Improvement Club has traditionally offered our Members Rummage Sale on the first Saturdays of February & October each year.  

We are trying to get back to the familiar, and traditional, with a few upgrades here and there. At the rummage sale, you will find second-hand items, similar to that at a swap meet or garage sale. As always, our WSIC Club members get first priority, but non-members are welcome to participate too!

This event is open to the public.

We hope you will join us for our INDOOR WSIC MEMBERS' RUMMAGE SALE on February 4, 2023 


 You can purchase them in the link below, or get in contact with John Becker or Chandra Kaye, the Event Co-Managers for the February 4, 2022 Rummage Sale or email us at