Board Officers Candidates

President Candidates 

  • Matthew Barrett
    My name is Matthew Barrett, and I'm currently serving my second year as president of the West Side Improvement Club. I have been a college professor, an auto insurance claims handler, and a small business owner; I currently work for Lumio, a residential solar energy company. All these jobs have taught me how to listen to people, value their skills, and support their best ideas, and those are the skills I rely on the most as president. When I first came to speak at the club, I had no idea I'd be joining that day, volunteering for events in under a month, and serving as president less than a year later. Those surprising decisions arose naturally from my love for this area and the people who live here. People need a club like this, that can help them set down roots and find--as I did--a family they did not know they were searching for. With your blessing, I hope to continue to make this club a pillar of a strong community.


Vice President Candidates

  • YOUR NAME HERE - We are still in need of a vice president for 2022 year. If you are interested, please inquire at

Treasurer Candidates

  • Deborah Grace
    My name is Deborah Grace.  I am currently a Board Member.  I am involved with Events, and Building, as well as the Chairperson for Bingo and Finance committees.  I am currently running for Treasurer.   I have devoted my time to the West Side Improvement Club in every way possible.  I am digitally fluent in many financial software programs for non-profits which will be a good fit for the Club. I am working on making the Club a new force to reckon with for the future.  I have worked every Bingo night since we opened back up in June 2021. I can make a difference.

Secretary Candidates - 

  • Chandra Kaye
    My name is Chandra Kaye, I am currently the Secretary for the West Side Improvement Club. During my time as the secretary, I have been doing my best to help WSIC grow and improve by updating many aspects. During 2021, I was not only the secretary but the Chairperson for many Committees including events, publicity, and membership. I am efficient in digital programs such as Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Documents, Canva, Photoshop, Wix, Square, and many other programs that have continued to help WSIC grow and thrive. I see a lot of potential in the Club and don't want to see it disappear; because of this, I have helped create plans and new ideas to continue to help our club thrive and continue to make a difference in our community. I would love to see the Clubhouse become more family and local community and neighborhood-minded. 
    I ask for your vote so that I can continue to help WSIC improve in 2022. in any aspect, I can.


Board of Directors Candidates

  • Ferrol Davis
    My name is Ferrol, I was on the board of Directors in the 2021 year. I am very involved in the Kitsap community through volunteer work. I have coordinated a rock painting and hunting group in Port Orchard, as well as successfully coordinating the Halloween Celebration. I would love to continue seeing the Club grow and look forward to events in the future.


  • Desirae Murphy
    My name is Desirae Murphy. I am running for a position on the board for the WSIC for the 2022 year. I look forward to the opportunity to help not only the Club but the community in any way that I can. I am excited to help with the community garden with my background in agriculture and growing healthy, local food. Please consider me for a chance to bring my wide array of skills and resources to the club and community.


  • Rhonda Sparks
    My name is Rhonda Sparks & I am volunteering to run as a candidate for the 2022 Board of Directors.  I have experienced so many incredible moments living in this town for the past 29 years. It means a lot to me to have been able to build my life here and call this place home. From 2007-2009 I served as Secretary & President of the PSNS Riggers Recreation Committee. In 2011-2012 I was a community advocate for Rocky Point and helped organize an Emergency Preparedness gathering. I have 7 years of experience with procurement and efficiency in Excel, Word, Acrobat Reader, & PowerPoint. My hobbies consist of photography, tie-dye, painting, hiking, and reading. My joy in life is my family and being a Mom.  I hope to be a new set of eyes and to inspire creativity for The West Side Improvement Club. Thank you for considering me.


  • Sally Gill
    My name is Sally Gill. I am putting my name up to be on the Board because I have experience in protocol procedures in different groups, am acquainted with Robert's Book of Order, Revised Edition, have helped write and revise By-Laws, and am currently president of a 501c3 club. I would like to help Westside Improvement Club grow, increase its philanthropic outreach, and increase member participation in club projects. Our current board is doing a fantastic job but it always needs new ideas and participation. I hope to be an inspiration and help to the club.


  • YOUR NAME HERE - We are still in need of another board member for the 2022 year. If you are interested, please inquire ASAP at